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Need Help w/ i7 Motherboard

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I'm making an i7 920 build. So far the only parts I've ordered are three OCZ Agility 120GB SSDs and their 2.5 to 3.5 adaptors. I will be putting these in raid 0. The other parts will be 6GB of 20000 G.Skill perfect storm (if they don't come back in stock, what is an alternative?), a 1000w PSU (is KINGWIN Mach 1 good or should I get Corsair HX1000?), and a Sapphire Vapor-x radeon 5870. I was going to get the Asus Rampage II mobo because it seems to be the best board for overclocking there is, but those are going to be out of stock for quite a while, so I need to choose another one. So, what i7 mobo should I get? There is no budget limit on the mobo, the size should be ATX, and this mobo needs to be THE BEST MOBO FOR OVERCLOCKING THAT EXISTS (on the LGA 1366 platform).
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If you're not into benching with DICE or LN, then you're just wasting money on the "best Overclocking board(Evga classified by the way)." But if you're going all out, why not.

Also you need to be watercool to get a 920 above 4.2 for stable 24/7 use. And even then you'll probably only get it to 4.4 for stable 24/7 use. If you're just benching, then that's a different story.
I don't need to get the 920 over 4.2, 4.2 is fine if it can be achieved on air. What is the best air cooler I can get (link please) and what fans would I get to go along w/ it (links please)? Will a cheap, self-contained unit like the Corsair H50 be better than whatever that best air cooler is? And I don't need any EVGA classified w/ giant e-atx form factor and tons of gfx capabilities, for now I'm going to get a midsize case and use one gfx card, so which specific mobo (link?) other than the rampage II would OC best in my situation? Thanks.
Does anyone want to make any suggestions? I have to put this order in soon and I still haven't decided what motherboard I am going to get.
Megahalems or a mega shadow for the cooler .
For the fans personally i like Delta or San Ace.
Do you want it be quiet ? Or do you not care if it sounds like a aircraft about to take off?
For the motherboard i personally like the look of Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7!
I havnt used one yet so i might suggest reading up on some reviews before investing

Goodluck let me know how you go !
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