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I switched monitors for my 2nd screen and when I boot up it gets stuck on the ASROCK screen for about 5-10 seconds when it use to be only one or two seconds , and then it goes to a black screen where there is a blinking underscore symbol and it blinks for a little bit then finally proceeds to boot windows.

Its not a big deal but when you go from having a 5 second boot time to 30 seconds plus its annoying any tips on that?

then my next question is there a way to make my 2nd screen the primary screen so that I can play certain games on it that dont have the in game option? or if I could make it my main display in windows can i move my start button to the 2nd screen?
I love my catleap but honestly I spend more time using my 2nd display I wish there was an easy fix for this does anybody know of one?

also as a side note I noticed that my display drivers crashed more twice already today as opposed to a couple times a week does it have to do with the changed second monitor? still on VGA just swtiched from 1440x 900 to a 1080p display nothing else changed
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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