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Need help with batch program

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im making a batch file that creates an account called ola and adds it too teh administrator group. the only problem is that im using a swedish version of xp and admin group is administratörer, ö isnt allowed in dos so can i create a new group without ö, in dos, that has admin powers??


Net user ola qwerty12 /add
net localgroup /add administratörer ola
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I think this might assist you. Make your code like this:

Net user ola qwerty12 /add
net localgroup /add administratörer ola

You can substitute MODE CON: CP SELECT=437 with GRAFTABL 437
(same thing)

What that will do is change the DOS Code Page to United States. When I tested this it worked for me and I hope it's your solution.


(Side note, just in case: ALT+NumPad 148 = ö if you need to type it within a DOS Console instead of pasting it from the CharMap.)
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