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need help with buying new psu

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now i have a hipro 300w power supply i need a new one.
is this going to be ok??
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I see that you've made the purchase already.

What was your initial budget? Couldn't have been much seeing that you made a budgetter's choice.

You could have saved up more and gotten a better PSU.

The PSU is the "heart" of your system. If the heart in a human body were to fail, what would happen to the body? It'll collapse.

It's the same with a computer. If you do not start off (or upgarde
) with a good heart, then your system would not last a long time. Esp. if you're overclocking because overclocking requires constant and stable amount of voltage throughout the system.

If you have the mind to do so, return the PSU when it comes, then get something better in the near future because it is recommended that you spend $80+ on a PSU from a well-known company (i.e. OCZ, Enermax, Fortron, Sunbeam NUUO, etc.). If your system runs fine with current PSU, there needn't be any hurry.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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