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Need help with chat/text speak.

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Sorry guys I'm old and don't know all the text speak that is spoken in the chat windows in games. I've been playing lots of GTA 4 online and don't understand lots of the text speak so I hope you can help me out. Also I know I'll leave a lot out so can you suggest common text speak and the translation.
These are the ones I can think of that I see all the time.

(Are the 2 symbols : and ) supposed to be a smile? Like here? That is very common also.
Then many people type all these weird symbols like an upside down A and upside down question mark, an r inside a circle all typed in a row randomly. If you play GTA 4 online you lots of people do this and I know they are English speakers cause I can converse with them fine. Some are from the USA according to their profiles. I've asked them about this but none ever reply.
Rep will be liberally doled out for help.
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The ones you listed there are all basically the same thing. They are just different representations of smileys. Like the p being a tongue stickin out y'know. The weird symbols like the upside-down question mark and the r symbol don't really mean anything, that is just most likely some kids who know the key combination to make weird symbols and wanna look cool. As for some common ones.....

BRB = be right back
BRT = be right there
OMG = oh my god
OMW = on my way
AFK =away from keyboard
AFAIK = as far as I know
IMO = in my opinion
LOL = laughing out lol
ROFL = rollin on floor laughing
LMAO = laughing my ass off
W T F = What the ****

That's all I can think of right off the top of my head. If you see any others you're unsure about just ask.
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I'm pretty fluent in chatspeek, lemme give it a shot....

Yes, the first lot is smileys. That's how they were done before little icons came with them, and even today they're still the shortcut.
is made by a : and a ) right after each other.

As for the symbols...either they're using alt codes or you turned on a language filter in a game that features beating hookers to death with car bumpers and mowing peds down :\\
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