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Need help with firefox...

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Hi all, Im haveing a slight problem with Firefox and Dark themes using linux. I am using the GTKClearlooks_BlackBlue theme with the Matt Ferels Die hard 4.0 Emerald theme and it looks great, just like the movie
. THe problem is all of the input boxes in firefox are black with grey font, most webpages are grey and the font for the input boxes on webpages is black.

Black on grey and grey on white is really had to see, and I can't read Any of the options in the options windows etc. The overide settings arn't doing a thing either. I know there is a way to "force" firefox to use white input boxes and black text and change the color of every menu speratly through editing the userchrome.css files but I can't remeber and this si the only site where I can actually reed responses lol.

In short does anybody remeber how to modify the userchrome.css in order to manualy change the fon't colors and force white menu text and white input boxes with black text? I don't want to mod the GTK theme so linux textboxes and menu text or correct becuase it ruins the theme and it makes it hard to see anything.

For anybody asks, iv'e tried the nasa night luanch theme and all the pitch dark themes but they don't work either and I wouldn't mind using a light theme. I am using the MR-Tech addon to edit all the userchrome and usercontent.css files so I don't need any linux specific instruction

Any help will be highly appreciated!



EDit: sorry for some spelling errors, hard to see them
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Even though you said, "The overide settings arn't doing a thing either.", I want to make sure to get this out of the way.

Have you played with the options seen below yet? If so, then what have you tried? If not, then check to see if the checkbox called "Allow pages to choose their own colors, instead of my selections above." is checked. If it is, then I can rest assured that my assumption was correct that you've already tried this. But as I said, I just wanna get this out of the way. hehe

Just in case you're wondering, the theme is Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) 3.61.

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