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Need help with jQuery

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I currently have two approaches to what I'm trying to accomplish:

1. Dynamically change the contents of a javascript when a hyperlink is clicked.
2. When a hyperlink is clicked, stop the old script and simply load a new one.

This is the jQuery function I'm using:


                slide_interval           :   7000,      // Length between transitions
           transition                 :   1,          // 0-None, 1-Fade, 2-Slide Top, 3-Slide Right, 4-Slide Bottom, 5-Slide Left, 6-Carousel Right, 7-Carousel Left
           transition_speed      :   1000,      // Speed of transition

With my first approach, I want to dynamically change the URLs for each image when a hyperlink is clicked.

With my second approach, I will have two copies of the above script, but with different images, so that I can call the correct script when the hyperlink is clicked.

Any suggestions?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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