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need help with laptop purchise (rep + for the winner)

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hay all i am traying to bye a laptop and i would like the top of the line for proformance and style, i whant pepole to say wow! when thay see it.
ime 25 years old and not a computer wizzard so alienwhear is to childish for me i need somthing cool and slick for buisnes purpeses.

some pepole recomended -

Gateway® P-7805u FX Edition - not powerfull or stylish enof for me

Sager NP5797 (Clevo M570ETU) - not stylish enof for me

can anyone els suggest enything els for me? like an asus or somthing pleas i need help

thank you all verry much!
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Quad core macbook pro(running windows), Dell XPS, lots of choices, whats your budget?
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i would like to spend betwean 1000-2000$
i need it to loock hi-tech and cool for buisnes purpeses.
i need it to last me at least 3 years
i need to to run the latest gta game with good proformance.

cpu:c2d or quad @ 2.5 or higer
memory:ddr3 4 gb or higer
grafix:a fast 1 gb gpu or higher
hard drive:a fast 7000 rpm with 200 gb or more
needs a cam and mike + hdmi
Quad Core laptop FTW


Only thing it doesnt have is the 1GB video ram but theres notmuch performance difference between he 512 and the 1gb
The few mentioned seem like good ones. I couldnt build a good apple or dell.

Asus W90 with ATI mobility 4870 X2, pretty much one of the most powerful laptops, its 3d mark 06 almost competes with my beastly sig computer.
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