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Need help with my new build. Can you please help me?

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Hi, I just got the parts for my new PC today, and I really need help connecting some things. Well, to start off, I got my hd led, my speaker, my reset button, my power LED, and my Power on button all connected. Now, I have lights on the front of my case
so, I have no Idea where to put those light cables, and the USB and speaker cables. Here is my mobo, hope this helps you to help me! THANKS!
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wait? I just got my 3700+ sandy and I checked out the stock heatsink and mine already came with a thermal pad on it. I am not sure if you looked at the bottom of your heatsink when you put it on but it should look like a square greyish color. if you have that on it DO NOT apply thermal grease to that, remove it then apply thermal grease. hope this helps,
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