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Need help with oc

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I am ocing my sig rig and at 3.5 with 1.4c
Vcore I keep getting blue screened 20 seconds into the test what do i need to do?
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What were the last stable settings, and have you changed anything besides CPU multiplier and voltage?
Stock was stable, I also changed the. Ram from 9-9-9-24 to 10-10-10-26
I increased the voltage to 1.45 cuz CPU z was reading 1.35 when I had it on 1.4 and the test is running longer then the first 8 times I tried this.
Have you increased the ram voltage?

Originally Posted by doc2142
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Stock was stable, I also changed the. Ram from 9-9-9-24 to 10-10-10-26

Are the stock timings for the RAM 9-9-9-24? Were you having trouble with the RAM at those settings? I know that on my rig, if I get a blue screen it's almost always after changing something with the RAM. If my CPU is unhappy, the system will just lock up.

The 1055t stock is 2.8GHz, right? Did you try anything in between 2.8GHz and 3.5GHz? That's a pretty big jump.

But yeah, blue screen sounds like maybe it's something to do with the RAM.
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I'd say you should do a MEMTEST to check the timings work on that ram. Maybe you need to increase your CPU-NB or the NorthBridge on your motherboard? Double check your RAM for sure though, voltage too.
Well I ran it for an hour on 3.5 and no crash, i bumped up to 3.7ghz and running pretty good so far. What is the max vcore should I put on this chip? my temps at 1.45 is 11 idle and 32c on prime95. That is what coretemp is reporting.
You sure your not in the freezer, them temps are mighty low, 32c at idle is good, 55c at load is safe
idk maybe coretemp is reporting bad numbers?

I attached a screenshot for it.
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ok I think ill stay at 3.7 since there isn't much difference. Quick question though, is 1.45vcore too high for 3.7?
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