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Need Help With PFN List Corrupt

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This is driving me mad!!

I just got my 780i motherboard and transferred my Q6600, 4GB of OCZ Ram, and a Xigmatek Dark Knight and a 9800GTX+ and put my Vista Disc in to reinstall windows

Well everytime I get past the black screen that says install files are loading, then it goes to a BSOD that says PFN List Corrupt and freezes.

I have tried different ram, different slots, and a 9600GSO with no change, is there anything that I can try to install Vista?
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that error is called by bad memory, do you have anymore memory you can test to see if it fixes the error. Try and run memtest 86+ and see if it detects bad memory and if it does then theres your culprit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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