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ok to start off i bought myself a rasa kit (rs240) awhile ago which i had on my 2500k. Well after awhile of use the original tubing started to get small hair line cracks in it and dis-coloured so i put my silverarrow back on and never bothered putting my rasa kit back together.
Now i have an i7 920 and looking to overclock it to its max potential, its currently getting cooled by a h50, anyways with my rasa kit I'm thinking of getting a new cpu block and want to get the koolance 380i and I need new tubing but cant find any 7/16" anywhere in Aus (thats the standard size barbs that came with the rasa kit).
So now I'm not sure what size barbs and tubing to get any help will be much appreciated.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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