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Hello, new here thought I would ask you guys for a little assistance - I am trying to overclock an old Lynnfield Xeon x3480 3.06ghz processor on a Gigabyte ga-h55m-ud2h I have been following the guides and I can get to 3.751ghz stable all cores stock voltage 1.168v at 162bclk can't get it to go higher without bsod - not sure home much to up vcore or pll or ram

This is not the main rig this is just my old system and thought I would try to mess around with it, so if something goes wrong no worries.

Gigabyte ga-h55m-ud2h
Xeon x3480 stock 3.06 turbo 1 core to 3.7
stock vcore voltage 1.168
8GB 667mhz DDR3
Windows 10
500W Gold plus 80 PSU
On air for cooling right now - one of the much taller intel coolers prime95 temps are 71-72c idle 39-42c
case is an old veriton case

My max Bclk I found was around 200-205
Normal Multiplier for x3480 is x23
I am not trying for anything too crazy just 3.8
so looking around the 168-170 bclk
turbo boost and speedstepping turned off
QPI reduced to x32
system memory multipler reduced to 6.0
XMP turned off
performance enhance set to standard
ddr volts 1.5
qpi/vtt voltage 1.1 found bclk at 1.310v
cpu pll 1.800v

I have not tried to push the voltage too far past stock because the BIOS is reading one voltage while hwmonitor/cpuz are showing a different voltages

The only thing I have done with the ram is lower the multiplier not really sure when mess with that just wanted to get the cpu dialed in first.

most things I have read the board does okay not the greatest but alright at overclocking - was wondering if it is my board causing problems or what temps are generally around 55-60c
I know this thing is old I have a new computer, but I just want to try and get this thing up to 3.8 all cores if possible. Thanks for taking the time to look though my thread. Also could windows 10 be the problem with the oc:thumb:

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Ok so x3480 is really old but basically the best available for your socket if you want to overclock it you it’s max you would need about 1.38v-1.4v. To do that you would need much better cooling like a Corsair h60 with a decent fan, something like a hyper 212 doesn’t have enough capacity for it(or most decent intel overclocks). You’d also want to add VRM fans as your mobo doesn’t even have heatsinks. I wouldn’t want to push your cpu much further to 4ghz as it will mean so much more heat output.

I have some issues with pushing that cpu that far though and your current setup as I doubt it’s stable. A nice quick stability test is blender would prove that with the bmw render test and you could check temperatures while you’re at it

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Alright thanks right now I am stable on all cores at 3.703 with good temps, I will be getting a nice new cooler shortly in the future next few days or so I am currently 3.702ghz at 162bclk

I am sitting at stock vcore voltage, but when I up it in the bios and check back to hwmonitor/cpuz the voltage doesn't go up, am I doing it wrong/ not applying enough in the bios if I crank it up even at 165 bclk I hit a wall, the vcore is dynamic and fluctuates between stock (1.168 and 1.184 currently) yeah the board is not the greatest. but I just wanted to hit 3.8 on all cores, nothing too crazy, right now doing really good at 3.703 all cores, turbo is off so the multiplier is set to 23 through motherboard settings, also is my ram an issue right now or does that not directly influence the oc.

My previously reported 3.75 oc come to find out was not stable (as you pointed out smartly) over the long term so backed off to 3.703

will be getting either fans or heatsinks for the vrms thanks for that suggestion

Thanks for the help btw..
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