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Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this forum and could do with a little help on overclocking my confuser, I have and AMD 2800+ (barton), Abit KV7(mobo), Radean R9550 (128 MB) Graphics Card and 512Mb (pc3200) DDR Ram.
I know that my multiplier is locked and is set at 12.5 and I understand that I can unlock this by reconnecting L5 bridge, so for now i've increased my fsb up to 200 from 166 with a VCore of 1.9, i'm using a water-cooled cpu cooler so my cpu temp under normal conditions doesn't go above 47 degrees C. I've heard that I can overclock my graphics, How do I do this and what should I o/C them to. Also is there anything else I can do to optimise my confuser.
I have had some experience with overclocking as I got my old confuser (AMD K6-III+450) upto 600 using a 133 fsb.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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