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Hi guys

I have a problem with my audio playback, either mb, spotify or something else changes the quality of the signals going from the mb to my receiver.. only way i could describe it would be like the difference in having the EQ on and off.. i have a temporary fix for this though, i go click the windows volume thingy> click the icon on top of the slider> advanced> and then change the format to whatever and my setup sounds like it should, i know that i could use that fix every time but it is freaking annoying

Do you got any idea?

my audio setup is on board sound from my sabertooth z77, optical out to sony str-dh520 receiver, i have the jamo s426 hcs 3 5.0 speakers, a set of mission m73 speakers and a proson rumble r-8 subwoofer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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