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need help !!

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ok here is the deal , im trying 2 decide whether 2 buy 2 gig ocz ddr400 platinum 2-3-2-5 platinum (which is after rebate on newegg $195+-) or the ddr500 platinum 3-3-2-8 ($340) that anandtech says is prob. the best 2gb set on the market , prob is the first one looks 2 be like the platinum rev2 that i have now (1gb 2x512) absolutely amazing mem , i have it running at 265mhz or ddr530 with no prob. 2.5-4-4-8 ) and im afraid it wont overclock enough ! like the one i have now , i need at least something that does 260mhz any help is welcome !!
I do need 2 make decision today because the rebate ends tomorrow 01/31/06
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2 gig sets generally don't overclock as well as 1 gig sets, 2 gig sets have really improved recently. But with the DDR500 you are guaranteed to get close to your desired speed at stock timings, where as a 68mhz overclock on a 2gig ram set may prove to be difficult.
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