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Need info from Mac Gamers/Enthusiasts with experience or insight into Multiple Displays Please!

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Okay, so i've ran windows all my life (apart from being a complete iphone loyalist) and for several reasons I want to dual boot mac. (should have done this a long time ago)

I know guides exist for a "hackintosh" and how to dual boot windows and mac. I'm not concerned in that regard.

What concerns me is my unconventional monitor setup which after a decade nvidia still cant even get right.

I run 4 displays in portrait. 3 are set up as surround and 1 is an accessory display to "ideally" work while gaming. The issue is and always has been the inability to release a mouse in full screen therefore having to choose between SLI performance at the cost of my side display, or no SLI performance but the ability to use it simultaneously.

Still - I digress.

I'm posting this for specifics regarding mac's ability to handle 4 displays in the same manner. I want to be able to game from within AppleOS. I want/have to keep the same configuration. I have gathered SLI doesnt function in any way within Mac which I can live with. My sticking point is whether or not I can span 3 displays in portrait with one image TO GAME ON (aka equivalent of 2D NvSurround) and whether or not this is possible to do while keeping an accessory display up and running.

Anyone able to clarify on those few points for me?

I'm running a 4970k & 2 gtx1080 if relevant. All displays are set up via Displayport which requires 2 main displays and the accessory display on one card, and the other main display on the second card.

Thanks a ton~!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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