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I have a zacate build and am using a Silverstone lc02 clone for a case. I want to reduce clutter and get an ITX case that mounts to the back of the tv.
Asrock e350m1 Zacate
Cheapest 1x2gb ram I found Zacate does not do dual channel
5400rpm Laptop drive, I MAY switch to an SSD at some point (2 other htpc's to upgrade to ssd first)

What are my options?
1 - M350 - from logicsupply, looks like I don't even need to buy a special bracket.
2 -
3 -
4 -

I will probably just keep adding the recommendations that I get here and maybe make it easier for people when they search for VESA mount.

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I was just going to recommend the M350. I actually have one, though I haven't used it yet. It uses trays to mount 2.5" HDD/SSD and comes with one, with an option for two. If you might have two drives in it in the future, you will want to order the tray with the case since you will save (in the future) on shipping. For VESA mounting you need a screw kit from them (around $2-$3). You can also order the Pico PSU from them at the same time. In fact you can get the "kit" with the Pico PSU 80W (with 60W brick) and save a few bucks. Zacate is essentially a notebook/netbook platform, so it won't use much power.

Alright, I checked and here are the parts you want:
second HDD bracket $2
VESA mount $2
You NEED the VESA mount. The HDD bracket (though OOS) is recommended because $2 is pretty cheap and you won't want to pay $6 shipping at a later time.

Here is another choice for VESA mount ITX:

Coincidentally I also have one of these (new and unused - notice a pattern?). It comes with an 80W PSU, but unfortunately has a tiny fan in the PSU. The PSU can come out so you can use it with a Pico PSU if you wish. It comes with the VESA mount stuff so nothing extra to buy. It holds a single 2.5" drive and a slim (notebook) optical drive. It looks more "finished" than the M350. The M350 looks really industrial so while not bad behind a monitor, the In Win BQ656 would look a lot nicer if sitting alone on a desk.

I can't think of any other ITX chassis off hand that is VESA mountable. You can check with ITX specialists like Logic Supply to see if there are more choices.
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