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Hey I have been trying to research and look into mice for a while now but am still having a lot of trouble finding the right one.

The first issue is that I have very large hands (9" from palm to middle finger tip) so finding a mouse becomes more an issue because of this.

I do not know a lot about the sensors within mice and what's good and what is not in terms of acceleration and tracking and that is partially why I came here with this question is hopefully to get more educated opinions than my own.

From what I have been looking into I have gained an interest in the Logitech g600 (tried it at a local computer store seems to fit my hand pretty good) and the Logitech g9x. I play many types of games such as cube world, minecraft, LoL, planetside 2, MMO's, and the occasional FPS and Role Playing games. Let me know what you think of these and if they are not the best choices feel free to tell me why and leave a recommendation. Thanks, Wenzel.
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