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Need: Power Button / Switch / Thing.... Help!

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Simply enough, I need a power button / switch thinger, (on off simply), Press feature or flip switch preferably.

It's for my laptop cooling project, customizing my own, but yeah, I need something that'll turn on or Off a simple powersupply (I've got the wiring figured out, I just need a button...).

Some of my silly co-workers @ shaw suggested I get setup with a power button/switch that looks like the "doomsday" button, flip the cap, "hit the big red button" or something.

Basically i'm looking for something "non standard", and i've tried ebay.. can't find jack.... It's all "power button frames" or something, for old hp's, acers, etc... (weiiiiiiiirdly...).

If anyone can help me, muchly appreciated!!!

- Le_Loup
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autozone and the likes have quite a selection of switches also
Sorry mate, can't order from radioshack, forgot to mention, I reside inside canada.

- Le_Loup

Any alternate suggestions and url link for this auto zone? Is there one in canada?
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just check any autoparts store, they will have them, like the link below and others, and will be way cheaper than having just a switch shipped

military style

basically what most of these computer stores are selling are the same things that have been used in vehicles for decades
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go to the source, go to the back of the store where leds and electronics are and get a TOGGLE SWITCH. they are over priced mind you.
they are slightly overpriced, but not any more than the pc stores, also if all your getting is one switch it will still be cheaper than having it shipped
I decided on the blue acrylic edition, here and i'm hoping all my orders will come in the next 2 weeks for my project.

Though i'm new to "projects" and such. Which section literally should a "laptop cooler" design go into? As i'm making photographs of the project thoroughly.


- Le_Loup

*And when choosing shipping info, the website also asked me for where did I hear about them? I put www.overclock.net! Hell yeah!*
Laptop cooler would fit under general cooling maybe? Air cooling? glad to be of help, and good luck on your project.
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