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Originally Posted by Dan_9 View Post

With these kinds of condescending comments the joke is on you as it shows how thoughtless you are & what you spend your time doing.

You are assuming vista is the only machine I have, upgrading is not alot easier for a handful of very obvious reasons.
Whaoooooo calm yourself there bucking horse. Wasn't trying to be condescending buddy. I was just offering a suggestion.

Secondly,where in my post did I say you only have a vista machine? I have no idea where you got that from. Thanks for putting more info that's irrelevant to make a false jab at me.

Thirdly, your just making a fool out of yourself for assuming what type of person I am and what I do with my time just based on a single post. If you ask anyone, seems like your the one who is judgemental, condescending, and thoughtless.


I would like to challenge your response as to why you can't upgrade to at least Windows 7. Is it hardware/software compatibility issues or....?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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