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Need RAM for a i7 Evga MB

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Which of this rams would you suggest for a evga board. I am Going to be stepping up to a Classifed when I get the chance from Evga so until then I will using the A1 board. But I dont want to get ram for one then when i get the classifed have to order another so want to find one that i can just move over.

Or is there better?
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the mushkin is a good amount better IMO just look at the timings. EDIT i didnt notice that the one kit was a 2x2 kit
The Corsairs


DDR3 DIMMs that require voltages higher than 1.65v, because the integrated memory controller within the Core i7 will be damaged.

Mushkins 1.8v
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Originally Posted by microman View Post
these then http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820226028
I might need some new notebook RAM can I get your direct line at Mushkin?

Those last ones you linked look good and price is better than Corsair. I can't comment on OC? But since you can't up v I guess that might not be an issue.

What do you OC'ers say about OC'ing I7 RAM?
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I'd get the mushkin, they are quite a bit less expensive, and will probably perform/OC very similarly.

I have the same Dominators, only the 3GiB kit, BTW. And I like them, and I'd still get the Mushkin.

These do 7-7-7-20-1T at 1.75v 1600MHz

Currently at 7-7-7-20-1T at 1.65v 1430 MHz

Micron D9JNL chips

I've had them as high as 1900 for some benchmarks. Pretty darn good for the price! All this with very little tweaking so far as I'm running stock cooling until I get some more parts together to rebuild my watercooling.

(I should mention, don't believe the FUD about 1.65v. As long as you keep your VTT within 0.5v of your VRAM, you'll be fine)
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