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Need some advice on this monitor

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Well its time for a new monitor. i have been doing some research and i came across this.


Anyone have any personal experience on this one? it seems really good for a really good price(almost to good to be true.) I like the full HD 1080p, 23", and 40k:1 contrast (i know they test contrast differently, but its still high), and its wide screen.

Theres also this.


Better pixel pitch, but it is a little smaller, and has half the contrast ratio.

Im using a 9800 GTX+ 1GB O'C
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well you got a pretty big size differents there. I think your 9800gtx will like the 22 inch better but 25 is just nice. As for the brand there pretty good just got a 22 inch for my grandparents looks great. So I think its more what size you need for your needs.
go with the the first one, the only game right now, that you would run into difficulty with is crysis every other game should run perfectly fine unless your an aa fanatic
The performance will be the same on both monitors since they are the same res.

I'd go with the second monitor, since it has better DPI. I don't know if you can get the BenQ 2200HD in the US but that one is worth a look also
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thanks a lot everyone. I'm gonna go with the first one!
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