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Hey guys,

I've been doing some benchmarks for the OCN HWBOT team and I've now hit a wall. However I can't get my CPU past 4620MHz (220x21)

I can run it bench stable at 4.62GHz @ 1.46v (I'm on water) but the moment I increase the BCLK to 221MHz+ my PC with either fail to POST or it will POST, but will not launch windows and the display just blacks out and the monitor goes into sleep mode (light turns from green to orange) and I have to hold the power button to power down and then turn it back on again.

I have tried lowering the BCLK to 214MHz and changing the multi to 22x. Same story as above.

I have increased the IOH to 1.3v, tried using 1.50v to hit 4.7GHz, still fails to POST/POSTS but no windows launch. I have changed the QPI mode to "slow mode" but all to no avail.

The other settings are as follows;

DRAM voltage: 1.65v
DRAM timings: 11-10-11-27 @ 1723MHz (stock is 9-9-9-24 @ 1600)
CPU PLL: 1.86v
ICH Voltage: 1.2v
QPI: 1.35v
All power saving features disabled
LLC enabled
CPU Speed Spectrum: Disabled
PCIE Speed Spectrum: Disabled

So have I hit the wall of my processor/mobo?

Mobo is an ASUS P6X58D Premium

Or can you guys think of some ways I may be able to break the 4.7GHz mark?

Any help is appreciated,
Thanks guys

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220 BLCK is the max for X58?

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Lower PLL to 1.7v

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I did some more testing and I got the blk to 227x19 4.31ghz and ran some intel burntest and it passed 10 passes so in my case it seems the voltage is holding me back but I'm not willing to go over 1.5v. Your chip seems close to mine voltage wise so try 215x19 and start going up till you reach your max blk and increase your voltage as you go.

At 228 blk it wouldn't boot at all so that's the max for my chip or motherboard and it hit 4.31 ghz at 227 blk with 1.34v so with 4.6 ghz+ HT on would be over 1.5v with my chip.
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