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Need some help on i5 OC

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So I have the system stated as in my signature.

Last night I was trying to make the ram go little faster. (CPU: 170x21, RAM is running 1020Mhz)

so I tried to clock the CPU @ 200x18, QPI clock ratio is 32x, Manually set the Memory to spec 8-8-8-24, memory multiplier to 8x and bump the vcore to 1.25, vtt to 1.21, vdrm to 1.64. I try to run some stress test and the system becomes so unstable that I need to drop it back to what I have originally.

Can anyone give me some idea what I did wrong?
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I've never oc'd an i5/i7 8xx, but i assume they're pretty close to an i7 9xx. That being said, why are you trying to run an 18x cpu multi? You can run 170bclk x 21, and then just bump up the ram mulitplier (remember to keep the uncore/vtt at half the ram frequency!) to reach your ~1600mhz. And you said you had to manually enter the ram timings? What was the auto setting them as?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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