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I currently game on a single 1080p monitor with an i7 3770k and GTX 670 2 GB. In the future, I plan on upgrading to SLI (or maybe even CF, I've heard that AMD cards perform better at multi-monitor resolutions) to game with three monitors (5760 x 1080). I'm also planning to create my first water cooling setup to cool the CPU and GPUs. I'm completely new to water cooling, but I have read a few guides and threads on the subject and I feel like I have basic understanding of the components needed to setup a loop. I still have a few questions (some aren't on water cooling) and I would greatly appreciate it if someone were to answer them.


1 - Buying another GTX 670 and running SLI would be the easiest and cheapest upgrade for me to make in terms of graphics performance. I've heard that AMD cards perform slightly better at higher resolutions than Nvidia cards, would the difference in performance justify selling my current 670 and buying, say, two Saphire Vapor-x 7970s? Also, if I were to stick to the 670s, would 2 GB of VRAM suffice for a triple monitor setup, or should I go for the 4 GB editions? Other GPU options - 690 (not sure if it will run x16 or x8 x8 due to dual GPU dies), wait for GTX 770 or 780 SLI (I will have accumulated the money for this upgrade by winter of this year, would those cards be out by then?) Note - I'm using the x79 chipset because: A - I didn't know about dual GPU PCI e bandwidth limitations on the Z77 chipset at the time. B - Because I never envisioned myself running multi-monitor setups when I built this PC.

2 - My PC's current case is the Cooler Master HAF X. Would this be a good case for water cooling; for instance, is there enough space with/without modding for two radiators? Here are some cases I've heard that are great for water cooling: Corsair 800d, 900d, Cooler Master Cosmos II, SilverStone TJ07, and the CaseLabs Magnum M8. Out of these cases (and my current one), which would be the best for my water cooling setup (CPU + Dual GPUs)?

3 - I'm trying to keep the cost of this upgrade around $1000, possibly $1500 if absolutely necessary. I'm thinking I'll need one 360 rad (for the GPUs), one 240 rad (for the CPU), reservoir, pump, water blocks, fittings, etc... That means that all these components for cooling will have a budget of $600 - $1100 (assuming I buy a 2nd GTX 670 FTW 2 GB and don't change my case, cheapest upgrade) or $560 (somewhat unrealistic scenario: I buy a GTX 690 and replace my case with a M8 and mange to sell the 670 for $400 and the NH-D14 for $60) Knowing my water cooling budget, could you guys help me choose the components I will need for high performance cooling of the CPU/GPUs? Also, how does this setup sound for a loop: 240 rad -> res/pump -> CPU -> 360 rad -> GPUs -> back to 240 rad..... or should I create two separate loops.

I know I'm asking for a lot of answers, so I'm saying thank you in advance to whoever helps me with planning for this upgrade.
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