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Hi Guys,

Ive just bought a GTX570, my first nVidia card since the 8800GT first came out. Since then ive been running on an ATI card which i hated.

Anyway im trying to get used to EVGA prescision but one thing i cant figure out is that i cant set my fan speed from 0% to 100%.

The lowest it will let me go is 40% and the highest it will let me go is 85%.

Can anybody help with this? or explain why it is?

Cheers guys!

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Originally Posted by Rage3D

New versions of EVGA Precision, E-leet and OC Tuner are available for download, compatible with the GeForce GTX 570 SC. As usual, these tools offer overlocking and voltage control and burn-in/stability testing options for the EVGA GeForce GTX 570 SC. Additionally, EVGA are today releasing an update to improve the fan speed range available. NVIDIA specifies a 40% minimum fan speed and an 80% maximum fan speed limit on the GeForce GTX 570, and EVGA's Fan Speed update extends this to a lower bound of 30% and increases the upper limit to 100%. Combined with EVGA Precision's ability to create custom fan profiles, you can make your EVGA GeForce product perform and sound how you want.

Check out this thread for information about removing the limits.
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