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Need some help plumbing watercooling on tri-sli

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Well From the looks of it im moving to tri-sli. But I need to watercool all 3 with mcw60's. But thats a lot of 180degree bends. So i was considering using 90's but im worried about restriction. So if anyone has knows a good 90 that wont screw up flow lemme know. And maybe if anyone knows how i can run a pci extender or something so i can still use my pci wireless card that would be sweet.
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juggalos links should definately help for getting the bends out of your tubing

pcie risers/pci risers are pretty easy to work with, you jsut plug them ina nd you can relocate your other device as far away from the pci/pcie slot as the ribbon on the riser allows you. ebay is probably the best place to find this, they can be pricey though, especially the PCI-E


(8$ shipped) not bad at all
I don't think 90's would work on an MCW60 setup, I dont think they would reach over the top of the cards. You could use the 45's Juggalo posted (the first link) and angle them to the sides (exit parallel with the card) and then link these with tubing. Put some good anti-kink coils on it (primochill are very rigid but still flex enough to let you maneuver them how you want) and you should be set. You could probably make this look very interesting and unique.
would that riser fit under my card? or would it hit the cover?

Are there sharper 90 degree fittings i could put barbs on that wont rape my flow? i figure the most restrictive thing in my loop is my heatkiller so as long as they flow = to or more than the HK its not ganna affect anything.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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