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I have come up with a list of parts for my new rig and just wanted some input or suggestions on what I should change or upgrade. I havent overclocked much before and wanted a machine mainly for gaming. Based on most people and reviews I have managed to end up with this.

CPU- AMD Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego ($334)
Motherboard- DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR ($200)
Video card- eVGA Geforce 7800GT 256MB ($314)
RAM- OCZ PC3200 DDR400 2GB(2x1GB) Platinum ($240)
Power Supply- OCZ PowerStream 520W ($140)
Soundcard-Creative SB X-Fi XtremeMusic ($115)
Case- COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 ($85)
__________________________________________________ ____________

I planned on spending anywhere from $1500-$2000. Will be upgrading to 2 7800's later. Still need a cooling system. So any input or suggestions anyone has are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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pretty sweet but drop the SD 4000 and get the SD 3700 and with the money you save get a big typhoon, seeing as the SD3700 Ocs just as high as the SD4000 in almost every case. Or you could get a Opteron 148 (same clocks and cache as the SD 3700) which can (if you get a good stepping) can reach 3Ghz on air. you won't likely get a good stepping but even teh bad ones do 2.8ghz on air. Personally I wouldn't get that OCZ Psu either, there performance is begin to slip. I'd suggest an Antec or Seasonic S12 600W (Scored really well in the PSU round up
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