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need some ideas - its a tad plain

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Making myself a custom myspace div profile. Coding is not a problem, however photoshop is.

Dont get me wrong - i like plain and clean - however the top section with the about me, the header links, my profile pictures, all just plain. What do ya'll think i should do?

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First, I like the color and shape of "about" and the text has a nice threshold.

The text under the about section looks static because it's groups of 2 lines of left aligned text and a space, repeated. The top line and the green color is incorporated nicely, but try to do something a little more solid with the text. Like get rid of the spaces altogether and have some of the lines indented to follow the shape of the hair in the image, make some of the words green. Just something to embellish it and make it look more active.

You already used a bolder white in the top line, maybe use that for portions of the text to offset the normal white of the text and give it some rhythm.

By header links, do you mean "friends" and "my life" ?

I don't think the script font fits with the work you've done up top. Why not stick with what you've got and follow through with the same font as the "about" section and use the green again, just something to keep it relative. Edit: You could probably make the "|" characters green at the very top, to break that up as well.

The photos look nice, it's just their organization that is a little plain. They are both in squares grouped together. The corners of the pictures make nice negative space around the outside. You could probably make it look a lot more dynamic by just giving the outside pictures a little more attention and make them less homogenous. Rotate some, make the border interesting, etc.

Or at least put a space between the two groups of pictures, roughly equal to the space from the bottom of your head to the first pictures.

Hope some of that helps!
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