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Need some opinions on cooling my 9800GTX's

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I'm having some heat issues with my cards and want to try to cool them down using an aftermarket cooler. My problem is space though. My case is crammed with two of these cards and my sound card. I'm looking for any pics or info from people with my case and GPU's on these coolers.


The only one I can find decent pics of is the Scythe cooler. That one looks pretty close to the size of the stock cooler. The Accelero Twin Turbo I like the best but I'm not sure about it's size when mounted. The Accelero Extreme looks sweet but again I'm not sure about it's size compared to the stock cooler. I'm not concerned as much about the extra length as I am about the thickness added to the cards. There isn't much room for my sound card and the bottom card only sits about 1/2" above my PSU.
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