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Need sound drivers.. HP DV-1225DX

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For Vista Home Premium x64....
It found the drivers for HDMI and such... but doesn't wanna detect the built in IDT Audio whatever... :\\
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Nvm it's a laptop -_-;;
Driver Page.
It shows no sound drivers at all on the page...
Is it like realtek?
Go into control panel>(make sure classic view is selected on the left side) > Device Manager> Under the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers you should have something with a yellow exclamation mark on it. > Right click> Update driver software> Then do a Automatic online search.

If that doesn't work, just get me the name of your Audio Device.(It will have it under audio devices.)
No exclamations... Just has two entries for "High Definition Audio Device"

Originally Posted by EricM9104 View Post
No exclamations... Just has two entries for "High Definition Audio Device"
Are you using headphones? Make sure nothing is muted... Windows probably loaded up some generic drivers.
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No headphones, even though those work when plugged in. Nothing's muted. Weird thing is, sound worked fine until some updates ran... Nice...
How are you plugging them in? Via USB or the audio jack? If headphones work, then it sounds like your speaker drivers...(Since I'm guessing it's your speakers built in your laptop that isn't working.)
Audio jack. I un-installed the HD Audio Drivers and that did nothing...
It didn't give you the option of rolling back? It sounds like your output settings are a messed up...
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