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I need some help on how the Steam gifting works. I know I can send it directly to someones Steam account is they have one, but how does the email thing work.

I would like to purchase the game as a gift but not send it out yet. I basically want to purchase a couple games as a gift during the sale and have like a giveaway for them.

Would I be able to gift it to my own email and still be able to offer it to someone else or does it automatically tie it to the email you send to?

Okay, no need. I found the answer on Steam support.


If you are interested in purchasing a subscription for someone as a gift but do not want it delivered until a later date, please purchase the game as a gift sent to your own email address. As long as you do not redeem it, you will have a guest pass for this subscription on your account that can be resent at anytime.

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