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I'm looking to tweak my system on a budget by cooling things down and helping it run at optimum performance. I'm not concerned with going nuts and getting into H2O cooling or anything, but things like little heatsinks, extra fans, motherboard drivers, etc. just little tweaks to make sure it runs at its best all the time and allow for adjustable performance. By the way, I'm savvy as to the ways of hardware, but not specific temperatures at which things should be running, so please give a little explanation.

My specs:

CPU AMD 939 FX-55 San Diego (bought .Oem, using a copper heatsink/80mm fan combo that weighs as much as a piston)
Motherboard Asus AN8-SLI Deluxe (damn chipset fan broke on this one, replaced it with a simple $9 heatsink that seems to be doing fine)
G-card Nvidia 6800GT 256MB PCI-E
RAM 2x 1 gigabyte sticks of Corsair DDR2 Dual Channel
Power Supply 500W True Power
2x 80mm fans (front)
1x 120 mm fan (back)
Sound Blaster Audigy 4 (I think)
300G Maxtor HD SATA/RAID (no current 2nd HD installed)
OS Windows XP Home

Current CPU temp runs on average 85 degrees F (just explorer running), chipset at about 80 degrees F, not sure the temperature of the graphics card.

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mmk...buddy here we go...get ready....got a pen? ok....

1. You need more airflow. There are a couple ways you could do this.....the most effective (although riskiest) is to cut a fan hole. i would cut one about 8cm below your proc. You could use an 80mm or 120mm, just depends on what you want. Or....you could use a slot fan. cheap, efficient, and easy.

2. Go get a better HSF. For air cooling, i would reccomend any of the xp or si series by thermalright. The thermaltake Big typhoon is good, but there seem to be issues with the case. But you can also pick that up at a local computer store, such as compusa....that does have it's advantages.

3. If you haven;t already, get wrap your PSU wiring. Also use rounded IDE cables. You can use existing ones, make a few slices along the wires, and wrap them with electrical tape, that works well and it's free :-D

4. i would seriously somehow affix a fan to that heatsink on your chipset. Not only will it allow for more stable overclocks, but you will always know you have airflow over that key component. That is a bit too hot for your chipset.

5. Those 6800GTs have issues with heat. Make sure you have adequate cooling for these devices. You could do a couple things about that. If you can fit it, you could put a slot cooler under it and make sure air is blowing towards the HSF of the GPU (may require a little rewiring of the cooler).

Well, have fun, i hope this helps.

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get a fishtank
put your mobo in it
fill it with oil


just put a high speed fan on the cpu
and get the INTAKE/Outtake Balenced

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The case you have/choose will determine alot. As some cases have superior air flow.

Take note, that having more fans won't always = lower temps . It sounds like it would, but if they arent set up right then it will barely do anything.

Cases with excellent air flow will have 1 or more of the following
120mm Exhaust fan
Blow hole on top
SIDE PORT <---this is the best for CPU cooling as it provides the cpu is own cool air
Intake fans
Everyone else can add to this list

And a solid heatsink will do wonders, Zalman Thermalright and Thermaltake make good Heatsink fan options. Cheers.

Edit: Note, i have no intake fans because i have a side port and 1 80mm fan (with 92mm fins) as an exhaust but it pushes 70cfm on high. My vcore right now is 1.6 @ 2.6ghz and im getting 28c while im typing this.
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