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Need to uninstall ubuntu!

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can someone please help me through uninstalling ubuntu? i installed it on a system to try it out. not such a big fan for what i use a system for. and now i really need to uninstall it but can not figure out how. tried using the windows 7 disk...but i dont get the boot from cd option. any help is great!! thank you!!
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your motherboards boot menu. when you hit the power button and the bios info comes up it will say press this key for setup for this key for boot menu. and it it dosnt just try like f1 f2 f6 del esc, etc
you mean the boot order? i have already changed that. first thing i did. not a computer noob. just cant use linux for what i want. any way to UNINSTALL?
Are you having trouble booting from CD's?

If you are, try booting to a bootable flash drive.

If you aren't, try using the ubuntu live cd/flash drive to get to the partition editor and delete the linux partition or format the entire drive.

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you mean the boot order? i have already changed that. first thing i did. not a computer noob. just cant use linux for what i want. any way to UNINSTALL?
you clearly are a noob
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i think your having trouble because of the grub boot menu, you need to boot from a XP CD, then go into the repair command prompt, and type fixmbr then restart the system
i tried booting from a cd. but it wont get there. i know what you are telling me to do. but the simple fact is that i never get the boot from cd option. i have a windows 7 cd...im assuming i can use that instead? my boot order is fine, but i dont get the prompt.
i think the guy earlier was saying boot menu meaning that you hit f12 or whatever when you see the bios screen and it gives u a choice of what to boot from.... not changing the boot order in the bios.
is there a way that i can just delete the ubuntu partition and will that let me reinstall windows?
Have you tested to make sure the win7 disc will boot on another system?

Or tried any other disc/flashdrive (xp, ubuntu, another linux distro)?
i just downloaded gparted live. im assuming that i can use that to delete the entire partition right?
i used that and totally removed the partition. now it says no boot file name..which makes sense....but i cant type anything...at all....i have no way of getting it to boot from CD!!!
I'm not familiar with Abit motherboards, but there should be a 'boot' menu when you POST, allowing you to boot from CD/DVD, floppy disk, hard drive, USB etc. You need to boot from CD and then install Windows 7 or whatever OS you like. After you install Win7, it should fix up the boot priorities on your PC to make sure it boots and not any other OS.

Hope that kind of makes sense to you...
sorry. i failed to mention that i am on a different computer. the one that is not working is an intel mobo with a pentium D. either way, i cant find the post menu. all i get is a never ending waterfall of notices saying that there is no boot file...which makes sense because it is programmed to recognize the linux one. i need a way to fix the boot file so i can run the comptuer from the CD.
The boot menu is part of your motherboard and you should have an option to enter it before your computer starts searching for an OS. When it is posting, there should be some text down the bottom with options like 'Del: BIOS' and 'F12: Boot Menu'.

See how you can hit delete for setup or F8 for BBS Popup?
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yeah i dont get one of those. i just the the big blue intel screen that says press F2 for bios menu.
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