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I have about a grand to upgrade my sig rig with, Now I was looking at a few posible options, and ive come to a stopping point, I need help to decide the best course of action. I was comparing the following 2/3 options:

* I7 4770K
*2 Way Sli GTX 760
* Maximus IV Extreme
*Corsair H105 (Untill I can Get a New Waterblock)


*FX 8350
*3 way Sli GTX 760 / or 1 GTX 780TI + 760 PhysX (I already own a 760)
* 990FXA UD7
* Keep my waterloop

Any thoughts... I am primarily a gamer, Although I Love having my pc as fast as posible, so any opinions, Im not trying to start a red vs blue war, Just looking to know what the best option would be.

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Hey there!

What games do you play? MMOs and games that benefit from single threaded performance like World of Warcraft benefit tremendously from the single core performance of Intel processors. If you're going for games like WoW, Intel is the way to go. Most games only take advantage of less than 3 cores, which is why Intel processors seem to do a lot better than their AMD counterparts in games. There are a few games (very few) that benefit a lot from lots of cores and are heavily multi-threaded. Crysis 3 runs similarly on an FX 8350 and 3770k, for example. WoW and many CPU-bound games, do not.

You wouldn't need an Extreme motherboard for Z87 unless you're really going all out (maybe even LN2 stuff).

You should also take note that Intel's Z97 (Haswell refresh + Broadwell compatible) boards and Haswell refresh are right around the corner (Maximum by start of June is what I've read), so I wonder if you want to get on that wait-train or buy right now.

If you had to buy RIGHT NOW I'd go with
1. i7-4770K
2. simple Gigabyte Z87X-D3H (these are underrated, great value, reliable, and work great for around 4.5Ghz over clocks), or at MOST Maximus VI Hero. Are you planning on crazy over clocking (water-cooling the motherboard and possibly LN2?)
3. Sell the GTX 760 and get either a 780 or 780 Ti. BTW, with these series it might not really be worth it to have a dedicated PhysX card from your second option, it really doesn't do much and can sometimes introduce issues rather than benefits. If you really can't sell the 760, then yeah SLI 760 but fastest single card is often better, because then you can add a second one later and have much better performance than say 3x 760 (SLI doesn't usually scale that well after 2x). If you're going 1440p+, 760s memory bandwidth and frame buffer might also hurt you.

If you'd like a more specific analysis, please post the games/settings/resolution you'll be playing at and more in-depth info on what you'll be using the system for and the extent of over clocking you're aiming at!
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