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NEED URGENT MW2 help please!

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Hey guys,

This is for all of you playing the PC MW2 Campaign.

If you are on, or just before the oilrig level, please respond immediately and play no further until you save your "players" profile.

C:\\Program Files\\Activision\\Modern Warfare 2\\players <= Copy this whole folder somewhere else (and please UL to RS or similar for me)

I accidentally lost my save game (well, the config file stuffed up) and now i have to start again.

In COD4, you could just edit the config to redirect the path to what save file it loaded, too easy, in COD6 it uses a whole bunch of code BS in another file, so even if you change the path, you dont know that the code is so your stuffed...

Tnx guys, please try and help me out.
- R34P3R
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Well i have completed it and you can use mission select?
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Originally Posted by Sgtbash View Post
Well i have completed it and you can use mission select?
Yeah, that'd be great actually!

I forgot about loading scenes...

I won't be back to oilrig Mid-Mission, but it sure beats redoing it all.

Please UL or send via msn or whatever is easiest for you, thanks you so much for quick response!
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