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Need your opinion... get extra 6Gb Hyperx Elpida's?

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Hey guys...
so i'm runing 6Gb of HyperX 2000C8 with Elpida's MGE-H chips and just got the chance to get 6Gb of HyperX 2133C8 with the same Elpida's MGE-H chips for 100 Euros...

What do you think, worth it? Any of you guys upgraded from 6 to 12Gb ? Any differences at all?

My system is in my sig. Presently my ram is clocked at 1680Mhz 6-6-6-18-1T @ 1.60v ( for 21x210 config )

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I went from 6GB to 12GB, and aside from allowing me to run more Virtual Machines at a time when testing and noticing less severe framerate drops when maxing out my VRAM in Surround resolutions, I didn't see a great deal of difference. Given you're already running 2GB cards the VRAM limitation isn't a serious issue, and you're only running a single monitor so you likely won't notice much difference at all.
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Thanks... i was just thinking about getting them so in the future, when i change system i could keep the memory...

But at the same time, i don't know if by the time i change, there aren't better options
So it's a situation of " don't need it but get them ... you won't regret it for future proof " ... or " don't get them even if it's for future proof, because, in the future, you'll be able to get better memory modules for the same money "

So do you think the 2000C8 and 2133C8 HyperX's are still a future proof memory?

( I can use in the tri-channel, dual-channel and quad-channel ... Of course on 1155 platform i would "only" have 8Gb )
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Not really sure I agree with the whole futureproofing idea anyway. Who knows what the future holds?

In terms of raw speed, I don't really bother with RAM faster than 1600MHz for X58 (which is what I'm still playing with) as triple-channel gives more than enough bandwidth.

If I did 'futureproofing' I could guarantee that DDR4 would magically come out a week later and Intel announce they're moving to that on all their future chips and discontinuing all support for DDR3.
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By futureproof, i mean 1 year... DDR4 won't be available before 2013-14 imo.

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It depends on your upgrade path. There are a few rumors that SB-E has the same problems with running Elpida Hypers that SB has.

I'm personally taking my chances... I have 8GB of Hypers right now and I recently upgraded (from 2000 8-8-8 to 2000 7-8-7). If SB-E can't handle these, I'll likely just grab some cheap PSC.

You really can't beat Hypers for X58 or AM3. I'll be keeping mine.
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