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Netgear+2wire routermodem=pain

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What can I do. I do everything ms tells me to. I got this from my sister she never used it but no box and software so I had alot of transformers around and I used that for power. The networking cable is universal so that was all set. I plug in the ethernet cable from the 2wire into the netgear and all it does is light up and than dies it just reboots it seems. I can not seem to get it to like do anything. I can not go to my 192.168 router address. I do not know what to do. DAMN
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Have you checked that the plug you are using has the correct output voltage and current? Sounds likely to be the cause, unless it is truley dead.
The default address for the router is instead of on 2Wire modems.
Its not the 2wire I am trying to get hold of its the netgear. I am also wondering if the plug is good. But it does send out a wireless signal because I "could" connect but when I do it just throws me off
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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