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Netgear Router works again after new AC Adapter

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Hey guys. I've read this before and done it once before so I figured I'd not only post it for others to try. But to inform others. Netgears cheap, and small AC Power adapter aka power supplys are small n cheap

whenever u have a failed router, try a new power source. This is the second netgear router I've fixed this way. I have the WPN824 v2 yes the old white one with lights on top. Still works, no need for N draft yet. So try a new adapter on any wireless router if it fails. They get hot. K guys. If this works for you also, please report back.

Now for my question, I am now out of AC Adapters. So for this current router I used an old, much larger HP printers AC Adapter, it has a higher rating of power, will this eventually fry my router??

Stock adapter is 100-120VAC 50/60Hz like everything but it is ONLY 0.3A and a 12v 1.0A output

New HP adapter that is currently working is ac/dc and 100-240VAC 50/60hz but it's output is 12v-18v and 2.23A. (probably amps)

so is this going to overpower n fry the router??

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I wonder if a Comcast RCA modem is doing this, it constantly fails.
No, if it fails but still works then this is not a fix for you, that's a crappy router or something of that sort.

If ur router is DEAD and non responsive completely, try a new adapter
I guess that would just be ISP problems LOL.
Ya I'd think so also.

So what about using the bigger adapter?? Safe
Pumping more voltage into it than it requires will slowly kill it ( maybe ), but you did say it was an old crappy router so why not try it and find out. The worst thing that would happen is it won't work.
This reminds me when i was gonna but this older lappy with no power adapter and i found an adapter that would fit the power plug but the voltage was wrong and never powered up but I found another adapter with slightly higher voltage output and it worked perfectly. I am no voltage guru by any means...I'll try it at least one time.
So far it's working great lol. I'm going to leave it be and get a new wireless N in the mean time just in case
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