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I moved home from Uni about a month ago and up until now my speeds over the network have been fine.
I could load the router page instantly, files were getting sent at high speeds across the network, I could download from the net at our max of about 190kbps

However, for some random reason my PC has decided to stop wanting to have a decent network connection.

Im now downloading from the internet at less that 10kbps, sometimes dropping into the bytes..
So far its taken me 5 minutes to fully load the router page
OCN takes a good 5-10 minutes to fully load.

When I boot my PC the internet speed seems fine for about 20 minutes but then it just drops to nothing.

The signal on my wifi card is 'Good' and always has been. I've tried assigning myself an IP address with no success.
I did install WMWare yesterday, however that didn't appear to affect anything since my connection only started dropping 10-12hours after I installed VMWare.

All the other computers, iPods, PS3 etc can connect to the internet and network fine, download at full speed etc.
Its just mine...this has happened before and the only way I could solve it was to plug in a DLink wireless bridge and use that as my network connection.

Any ideas?

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Just a few things to try, update your (adapter)drivers/firmware(router).Power down modem,router & pc. Check to see if anything might be interfering with your signal wireless phones,speakers etc... Also try disabling your security to see if that speeds things up.
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