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Ok i am going to be doing a sort of home network. I have a Cable/DSL modem or whatever. But i don't know if i need a wired router or a wired switch or what? I was thinking of getting these two..


I am going to hook up my Computer and my parents through the wired network and the wireless it for the laptops. Would i take the cord from the modem to the wired switch main one thing. Then to the wireless router from that and to both computers from the wired? Would all of that work?
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#1 the links are dead for me???
#2 you dont really need a switch unless your using large amounth of computers, most wireless routers have a four port wired router build right in.

i would suggest something like this for a simple home setup.
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depends on how many computers your connecting up, how they're connected, and what you want to share on your network.

f you're going to have a bunch of desktops networked and you want them to run wired, then you'll want a wired router. but if you want any chance of wireless, i'd suggest getting a wireless router (n is going to be your best bet right now, backwards compatible with b/g standards) and then having one of the wired connection running to a switch (this would be for the wired computers)

As for what you want to achieve with your network? if you're going to be transferring around large amounts of data, gigabit is where you want to look at (n routers have gigabit ethernet on them)
but if you're looking at just streaming music and sharing printers, then you don't need to get the gigabit stuff.

Hope this helps.
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Ok i fixed them. But i failed to mention that i would also be hooking up a 360 and two network drives, on in the living room and one downstairs? Do i need a "switch" or what?
Yeah, the Links are dead.

Get a:



The GL has more RAM, incase you ever plan on changing the firmware to a third party.

You don't need a switch, unless you are splitting the line, example:
If you have your house wired for cat* cables, then you would have the router at the main hook-up, and that you have two computers in one room. Well, that one room, you would need a switch to attach the other devices.

If you only have two computers, then you should only need a router.

Then yeah, you may need a switch.

This is a great switch, I have 6 devices plugged into it and it can handle the traffic.

Are you going to have it like this:

Room 1 - Router, 2 computers
Room 2 - Xbox360, network devices, laptop

Or will it all be in one room?

Your two links are roughly 80 dollars, while the *GL and the Gigabit Switch is roughly 130. So, the price difference is 50. Now it is mainly up to you, do you want to future proof the network in case you want more options on your router. Do you want gigabit speeds.

Feel free to ask questions. I enjoy networking.
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Everything GH0 said, except the router suggestions. I say if you don't mind getting used gear, try and find a WRT54GS V1 or V2. Those are stellar machines. More RAM than any of the other WRT54 models, so lots of room for mods.
If not that, than a new WRT54GL would be perfect.
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Ok thanks guys. I gave rep..
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