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Network RAGE

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I have to figure this out, because I'm gonna go postal on my network if I don't.

Here's the problem, and I hope somebody can figure it out.

As I'm browsing the internet, I suddenly can't load anything in firefox/any other web browser. I can load up Ventrilo and connect just fine, but no web pages. This will last for a minute or two, then everything will be normal again. I have the "best latency" on the OCN TF2 server, and could play it for hours without losing connection, but firefox/anyotherwebbrowser will just die and not go anywhere.

The same thing happens on all the other computers of my network, which makes me think it's router-related, but I really have no idea what would be making it do this. (As far as "Can't load web pages, but you can play TF2/Talk on vent just fine!")

tl;dr My internet cuts out randomly, but only in my web browsers, other programs work fine.
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Just web-browsing eh? I'd probably start by manually entering DNS servers in TCP/IP settings on a computer to test. You can manually specify DNS servers whilst keeping DHCP enabled.

Maybe start with OpenDNS servers - &
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It could be DNS, it could be a modem or router issue not being able to correctly move data with an HTTP/TCP/UDP packet protocol, or it could be the server you are requesting the site from.

I would try the above mentioned first.
DNS Servers might be the problem, considering the settings for them I have at the moment are " and". Guess I'll try one of the 200's you posted and see if it works.

I definitely know it isn't the website, since Google wont ever load when it stops working.

In my router settings I have it set to "Get automatically from ISP". So I looked at Router Status and found what the ISP DNS server was, and now have it set to that in TCP/IP settings.

Hopefully that'll fix the problem. (And thanks both of you guys for replying!)
Yeah... 4.2.2.{1..9} are some horribly slow DNS servers. The ping might be decent, but the actual resolve time is crap.
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