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New 8800 gts config

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I read that you need to download a program that will make your gpu fan run 100% for the 8800 gts 320. Can anyone give me a link to download such a program?
P.S. My 8800gts is running HOT! To the touch the thing is burning up, is there any software that can run on vista x64 that will tell me my gpu temps?
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i tried riva tuner, and it does not seem to work. it just extracts and does nothing
Which version of Rivatuner did you get? maybe you got the Xp version instead... Download it here: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=163
when i download the file, it asks to be extracted. When i extract it, it just does nothing...any ideas?
open it with winRAR and run the setup.exe file.

once you extract it doesn't bring up any options? also are you extracting it to a certain location?
ok i got it to open. Now how do i change my fan speed?
Click the circle. Then click the one that looks like a graphics card.

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another quick question. I have done the latest update from nvidia, and my system still says i have dx9 is that normal? Shouldn't i have dx 10?
Yes it should. Mine says dx10. start>run>dxdiag. Does that say DX10 at the bottom?
yeah. it says dx 10 and my gpu is running at 63-68c in windows vista...not gaming or anything..is that normal?
is it ok to run the fan at 100% all the time? or should i make it less?
Should be a little lower if your fan speed is @ 100%.

You got DX10.

I run @ 70% and when I game I put it to 100%.

P.S. You can edit your posts so you don't have to doubble post.
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First of all how hot is it?
And to the touch ~80 degrees celcius like some cards on load WILL burn you. my card runs 76... if i touched it... i would be blistering lol. Like touching a black lamp.
right now the only thing running worm in my case is that darn gpu lol.. Each core right now is sitting at 30% 24-27c and the gpu is 59-63
I am gonna try and load oblivion and see what the temps are during game play
so i should keep my gpu temps under 80c correct?
Yes Stay under 80c and you will be just fine
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last question. What is a good tool for reading my system temps. I tried using everest but it is only a trial version for 30 days. I would like something that reads everything like everest does.
Try getting a pc slot exhaust fan and put it under your card, i did this and lowered my temps by 5-7ºc

This is the one i have, i know its mad dog but it moves alot of air,


Install ntune and you can use nvmonitor to monitor cpu and gpu temps
i got XP 32...no directX 10 for me right?
only got DirectX 9.0c
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