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New and hoping to learn

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I'm not young...
but that comes with advantages. For example, money is no longer nearly as tight as it once was. I'm retirement age but still working 10 hour days.

As a wonderful hobby, I enjoy building PCs. I'm now on my third one. This time it's the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard with an Intel i7 920 cpu. I have 6GB of high-end G.SKILL RAM, a new ASUS 5850 Graphics Card, a 150GB Raptor boot drive and four WD RE3 500GB drives configured in RAID 10.

The CPU is air-cooled with the Noctua NH-U12DX CPU Heatsink.

I'd like to get the best stable performance I can from the PC, but I've never tried Overclocking before and WOULD SURE APPRECIATE YOUR SUGGESTIONS.

Thank you in advance!

- Pete
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Thank you Angmaar. I see that you're interested in photography. That's also an interest of mine. Do you happen to have a web site that I could look at?
Welcome to OCN! Best place to learn a lot!
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Welcome to OCN!
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Anth0789 and Sheyster,

Thank you both for the welcome. It's nice to find a friendly greeting in a technical site... it speaks highly of both the "site environment" and the members!

- Pete
Oh disposable income. That should be a pretty glorious situation with out an OC on anything.

Big fan of ASUS boards good call there. Cant help you out much with the CPU but........

For the vid card MSI afterburner is pretty great at life, easy place to start, can crank the voltage, set a custom curve for your fan speed's increase or decrease which is very very useful. Will work with non MSI card as well which is convenient. Also has a nice graph that shows CPU usage, Temps (and will store your highest and lowest temperature for that particular session which is very useful) and a bunch of other info.

However depending on the brand of your 5850 you will only be able to go so high.... I think MSI and ASUS are the two that are unlocked where as the other brands you would have to do a quick bios flash to really max things out.

Welcome to the party pal
(holiday season gotta start throwing in the Die Hard quotes)
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Welcome to OCN!
Fatty Beef,

I'd gladly trade a bit of income for a few of your youthful years! Let me tell you about creaky knees... LMAO.

Afterburner sounds interesting. I'll take a look at it. Thank you for the tip!

My 5850 is an ASUS. I haven't tried OC'ing it yet. Thought I'd start with the CPU, RAM, etc.

Thanks for the feedback!

BTW, I like your ICON.

- Pete
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Welcome to OCN, if you have a spare moment, can you fill out your system's specifications here? It makes it easier for people to give you help on overclocking etc. if they know exactly what is in your system.

Also, Here is a link to the photography section here on OCN.

Enjoy your stay!

If you want advice on overclocking, you're better off making a thread in one of the Intel sections here, since they get a lot more traffic than this sub-forum, and there a few experts there who would be able to help you out gladly.

Here is a good thread to look at to get the basic gist of overclocking on the LGA 1366 platform.
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welcome! your new build sounds like a good one. i recommend reading one of the several guides found on this board to oc'ing the 920. i ran mine up to 3.2ghz (960 speed) without having to change any voltages in the bios and it runs completely stable. of course, i am bottlenecked by my ram at the moment, whereas you are not. good luck with your oc!
Thank you, Psi Guy. Your setup sounds very much like what I have in mind.
If you don't mind, I'll ask a few questions as I go along.

JoeC, I'll definitely go through those links. THANK YOU for posting them.

Meticadpa, I had no idea that there is a photography link here. That's GREAT. I'll take a look (and thank you for the other link as well!). BTW, I'm sure that your name means something but it's nothing I'm familiar with. Help?
Hey Pete, welcome aboard and that's a nice rig you got there.
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Thank you, Reaper. It looks similar to yours... except mine looks like it would be a tad slower. How did you manage to OC to 4.0? Impressive!

Originally Posted by Pete M
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Thank you, Reaper. It looks similar to yours... except mine looks like it would be a tad slower. How did you manage to OC to 4.0? Impressive!

You're welcome and I wish I had your GPU. lol Mine's starting to show its age. As for the CPU, get it up to 4GHz is pretty easy for any D0 stepping. Getting it past four on air is hard (well, not with my motherboard anyway).

You should check out this thread on Core i7 batch guide, quite a few OC'd it well past 4GHz mark.
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I'm excited about seeing what the 5850 will do, but your 295 is no slouch!

I just got the system to boot a couple of days ago. One thing I tried was the Windows 7 Experience Index. Each category was either 7.7 or 7.8 except the hard disk, which was 5.9 (causing an overall score of 5.9). With the Raptor I had expected the disk performance to be pretty high. Have you seen the same thing?


- Pete
i wouldn't recommend using the wei rating as any kind of benchmark pete. trust me, you will take flak for even mentioning it on this board lol (regardless of how impressive your build is or the numbers you make in the wei).

you should be able to hit 4ghz very easily with your setup. click on the link in my sig about it, should be very simple. and make sure to hit up the guy who posted that guide with some rep.

also, you won't hit in the 7's on wei for your hard drive unless you are running ssd's in raid (and i don't know many people that do).
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