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New audio recording build. cant decide on a gpu

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building a new rig for recording music stuff...
what i have
fx 8320
m5a99fx pro r2.0
8 gb 1866 hyper x
240 gb optima ssd
500 gb storage drive
random cheap tower
random dvd burner
550w psu

and i cant for the life of me decide which gpu i should use... i have a nvidia gt 545 1.5gb 75w a gtx 9800+ 512mb 140w or an ati/amd hd 5570 1gb 40w
going to be on windows 8.1.

there may be some light single player gaming ( if someone gets too bored in the studio ) but most importantly i want flawless windows / audio recording experiance, possible dual monitor setup
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out of those, I´d pick the 545 , it´s miles ahead of the other 2 for light gaming.
What I´d do is sell those 3 and buy a gtx 750/750TI 50-60w
The video card wont bother the recording production side of things, apart from noise from the fans, this would be my concern, and that it has the appropriate connections for the 2 monitors you wanted.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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