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New Avermedia Hybrid TVbox 11?

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Is this new? Is this able to accept HD input and output full HD subscriber channels when also using a box from the cable company?
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From what I'm gathering it appears to only be a tuner. It doesn't look like it has the ability to record to a computer HDD. So if you wanted to hook up a STB to it (which you could using the HD input) it would kind of be pointless because you could just hook up the STB to the TV to the same effect. Seems to be targeted to devices that you can't hook up a TV signal to. Like a computer monitor.
This seems to be more geared toward projectors and lcd panels. It's basically to turn your VGA/DVI projector/lcd panel into a tv device. I don't think it's really what your looking for. Pretty much what craigap said.


The AVerTV Hybrid TVBox 11 will give you a larger than life Digital HD entertainment viewing experience, providing you with Analog or Digital HDTV (over-the-air or unencrypted "Clear" QAM). This stand-alone TVBox tuner converts your regular Big Screen LCD monitor or Multimedia Projector into a plug-n-play multimedia entertainment hub. With its High Definition component input/outputs up to 1080i, via the S-Video/Component 2-in-1 cable, users can connect multiple entertainment devices such as: HD Camcorders, Blu-ray Disc players and HD Game Consoles such as: XBox 360®, PS3®, and the Wii®, to experience tremendous versatility with their multimedia entertainment. The great features and functionalities of the AVerTV Hybrid TVBox 11 make it the ideal solution for the home, classrooms or corporate environment.

Source - more information on the product.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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