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new build ddr2 memory question

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the memory is 800mhz but its not reading that in hardware monitor i have tried messing if bios settings but this is the max i can get it. any help?


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DDR2 means Double Data Rate 2. Multiply the DRAM frequency by 2, and you get the final RAM frequency, which in your case is 1084MHz.
Do you have one DIMM or two? If two you should put them in the correct slots to run dual channel. If one, you should invest in the extra DIMM for it.

Also running with timings above 6 is very impractical
Multiply the reported rate by 2 to get your actual frequency.
You're at 542.5Mhz right now. That's DDR2-1085. So you're actually overclocked very highly already.

DDR2-800 = 400MHz.

DDR = Double Data Rate. The 2 means that its generation 2, it has nothing to do with the multiplier. DDR3 = Double Data Rate (so still only double the speed), the 3 means third generation.
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oh, ok. i feel stupid. i did over clock to try and get it to 800mhz. timings are set to auto. im just going to set all to auto. this is a cheap computer. I dont need two dimms
Enjoy your crippled performance then

Should've bought 2x1GB. Cost the same and doubles your performance.
Dual channel is a bigger difference tan you think.
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i'll let the guy know that im building this for. this was a barebones kit from tiger direct that came to 250cnd with taxes. he needed something cheap to surf and burn a few cds. I would have built something better but this was the cheapest way to go.

intalling windows 7 took for ever.
intalling windows 7 took for ever.
See what I mean

And eh, Barebones kits usually have terrible quality.... TigerDirect just has the advantage of having more old parts than other places to get rid of so they can make em real cheap
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ya i know. my friend just wanted something cheap. i dont think he will notice the difference.
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