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New build finally!

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Well I finally went and upgraded the old X2 3600.....

Now its

CPU: Phenom X4 920
Mobo: Asus M3N-HT Deluxe
Case: TT Element S

Upgrading again on wednesday to 4g of 1066 ram and a good CPU cooler.
And possibly something else, although I dont know what yet.

Do they make an extender cord for the cpu power? As so i can route it behind as opposed to running diagnonal across the board?

3dmark of 13568 - Thinking the memory and possibly new graphics card will raise this?

Any additional info on what next upgrades would help me more than others is appreciated as well
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nice nice nice

love the casing
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Thanks, I saw the case a while back online and thought it looked good. Went to frys and there it was. It looks even better in person than in pictures.
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