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Couple of pics of new build:

Specs: i5 8400
Asus Prime-P Z370
Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 2666MHz 2 x 8G
SuperFlower Leadex II Gold 650W
Rads: XSPC 480mm, BlackIce SR2 240mm, Alphacool 120mm
Pump: D5 Vario
Fittings: Barrow V4 Silver and Barrow 90 degree silver.
Tubing: Mizucool 16-12mm hardline PETG
Liquid: Mayhems X1 Clear concentrated with Mayhems red dye.
Case: Corsair 800D

Have to do the gpu cable still.
The cpu (24 and 8 pin) cables were white but I've dyed them silver.
The back panel is custom built with a carbon fibre wrap (silver) covering.

Have increased the window hole size, and will be putting larger window in shortly cause it was obscuring the view above the reservoir.
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